Silver Heights is located on the eastern slopes of Mount Helan in Ningxia Autonomous Region. Grapes are harvested at an altitude of 1,200 metres, making it one of the highest vineyards in China. Blessed with ample sunshine and a great depth of stony soil which forces the roots of the vines to venture deep into the ground for water and minerals, the terroir is ideal for viticulture. Exquisite techniques from French oenology were employed for the wines, imparting an nfluence from the Old World.

Silver Heights is headed by Emma Gao, holder of a Diplôme National d'Oenologue from Bordeaux (France) and one of few female Chinese winemakers in the industry. Emma honed her winemaking skills during internships with renowned estates in Bordeaux – Château Calon-Ségur and Château Lafon-Rochet.

Silver Heights is definitely another tribute to Chinese wines of exceptional quality.

银色高地位于宁夏自治区海拔1200米的贺兰山东麓,是中国最高的酒园之一。得天独厚的光照和土地条件使葡萄藤根部更深入泥土中吸收水和矿物质, 更适合葡萄栽培。其葡萄酒融合了法国精巧的酿酒技术,传承了旧世界的风格。



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